Investment Advisory

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At Waka Investments Ltd, we unravel your investment ideas and transform them into reality.

We offer professional advice on investment plans guided by research, experience and market expertise on the following investment areas

  1. Unquoted equities.

These are shares of a private limited company which are not traded on a recognized stock exchange such as the Nairobi Stock Exchange. We do due diligence on such companies and offer our honest advice on the financial status of such companies, and whether it’s advisable to invest your capital with them based on growth projections.   We evaluate the company’s goals and those of the investor and look for any relations that may strengthen or weaken the need to invest in the company in question.

    2. Quoted equities.

These are shares of a company whose prices are quoted on a recognized stock exchange such as the Nairobi Stock Exchange. We offer in-depth analysis of the various listed companies and the affordability and profitability of their shares, thus helping our clients make informed decisions

    3. Income securities

Income securities are investments that provide a return in form of periodic payments and eventual return of the principle at maturity. They can either be fixed, where the amounts payable are known in advance or variable, where payments change based on underlying variable such as interest rates. Examples include bonds and treasury bills.

Our team of experts acts as your advisers on when to invest these income securities, whether fixed or variable, acting as your guide all the way with the sole purpose of ensuring you, as our client fulfill your investment goal of wealth creation.

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