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Steps to Follow When Leaving the Corporate World for Entrepreneurship

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Excelling in an office doesn’t mean you’re bound for entrepreneurial success. In addition to many logistical and financial challenges, the transition from employee to entrepreneur involves a distinct shift in mentality. Before you make the leap, take these steps to make sure you’re ready beyond the numbers.

1. Talk with Other Entrepreneurs

The best way to psychologically prepare for the jump from a corporate job to calling the shots in entrepreneurship is to talk with those who have already made the transition. Ask other entrepreneurs how their roles in corporate prepared or failed to prepare them to run a small business.  Let them tell you what they wish they had done differently

2. Identify Your Resources

This will entail defining your services and determine the fees you will charge for your services. Ultimately, you are your best resource. The skills you developed in a corporate environment such as project management, organizational skills, employee management will come in handy in entrepreneurship

3. Prepare Yourself for Uncertainty

Being an entrepreneur involves higher highs and lower lows than working in an office. In many corporate environments, your responsibilities can be pretty segmented, but when you’re a small-business owner, you sorely carry the business responsibilities. It’s therefore crucial to prepare how to

4. Develop a network.

Attend local seminars and conferences, and reach out to people on various professional and social networks.  Do everything possible to start meeting people who can potentially become clients or business colleagues. You’ll need to start thinking strategically about experts and the right people to be as lean as possible. In a corporate environment, you’ve likely already done some business networking. Take advantage of those connections before you leave your job. Contacts and resources may prove invaluable, and you never know who may become a client. Networking events are also a good place to meet other business owners with whom to collaborate

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