Project Funding

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WAKA Investment Ltd in partnership with local and international funding agencies facilitates financing of startup companies and businesses that we believe have potential for long-term growth. We target startups that mostly don’t have access to capital markets. This is through managerial expertise, technical or monetary support. We look to assist investors to invest in business and companies that are well managed, have fully developed business plans and are poised for substantial growth. We review your business plan, do due diligence which will include thorough investigation on the business model, products, management and operating history among other key aspects of the business.  Once complete, we assist in finding investment pledges  in exchange for equity in the company. Through project funding, WAKA Investment Ltd helps your company accrue benefits such as

1.Increased credibility of your business.

By approving your business plan, we add to the prosperity of your business because we are always on the lookout for clear and novel business plans..

2. Expert consultation in running the business.

We partner with expert consultants who are well versed with matters business. We recommend skilled industry players that will help cover all the loopholes in relation to the business, all in an effort to make your venture a success

3. Better resources and tax issues handling.

We support your company through the process of hiring the right and also finding the best talent to bring in great output to your organization.  We offer informed assistance on legal matters and papers, any issues related to payrolls and all sorts of tax issues, thus reducing your burden in the whole process.

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