How to stay up to date with emerging business trends.

By January 10, 2018 No Comments

For a business to achieve long-term success, it must learn how to adapt to the ever-changing market. It’s therefore a challenge for every entrepreneur to ensure that s/he is ahead or up to date with the latest business trends.

Today we’ll look into some techniques that you adopt an entrepreneur to make sure that your business stays fresh, trendy and profitable.

1. Talk to your customers

Your customers are probably the best source of information of the latest trends in your industry. Teach your sales people to constantly engage with your customers and find out if they have specific needs that they wish your business can offer.
If you have a clothes store, for example, try to ask your shoppers if they are interested in any new style or clothing line. More often than not, they’ll share some gem of information that will give you a hint of the next fashion trend.

2. Observe your competition

Watch closely what your competitors are doing, they may have discovered a business trend that you’re not aware of. Don’t let your competition have monopoly on a product or service

3. Get feedback from your suppliers

Ask your suppliers for their latest and best-selling products. Ask for the reasons why they came out with that line or the reason for a specific product’s popularity. You’ll most likely get information on an emerging market in your industry.
4. Be active in your area of specialization

Know what’s out there. Join organizations, attend seminars and conventions, participate in events and give your insights and you will find that people will most likely return you the favor and give you information in return. Read market reports and be social with the people in your niche. This is a great way to discover the next phase of innovation in your industry.

5.Learn from other industries

Trends often cross boundaries. The latest craze in one industry will most likely influence innovations and create a trend in another. Be aware of other industries that share your target market. They may hold the key that will open up new doors for your business.

Catching and keeping up with business trends require good market insights and fast decision making. If you want your business to truly stay ahead of the competition, then a little creativity and innovation is all you need to become a trend-setter.

Below are some tips on how you can create and set your own trend:
• Anticipate your customer’s needs. Develop a new product or innovate on existing ones to fulfill these future necessities.
• Be aware of emerging consumer types and untouched markets. Target them with exclusive offerings.
• Be a visionary. Learn how to discover potential in untapped resources. Create a necessity.
• Take calculated risks. Trends may fail to launch or take some time to catch up. Prepare for the worst scenario.